Exchange portfolios organized by Elizabeth Klimek and others

Monday, August 18, 2008


This website showcases all of the exchange portfolios Elizabeth Klimek has either participated in or organized.

Dog Head Stew 1 – Elizabeth Klimek, Organizer

The first Dog Head Stew portfolio celebrates Native American traditions and cultural persistence, which over time and situation has been redefined, honored, manipulated, categorized and stereotyped, but not vanquished.  This portfolio invites personal and political expression honoring or criticizing past and present representations of Native American culture.

The title, Dog Head Stew, comes from the story/recipe “Dog Head Stew (for Fifty People)” by Dorothy Pennington, which can be found in the book, The Way: An Anthology of American Indian Literature by respected Mohawk anthropologist and educator Shirley Hill Will. It is the depiction of an imaginary feast in which the Native Americans throwing the feast pretend to live up to the stereotype of being savages to get rid of their unwanted, non-Indian dinner guests.

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